Apple Looking To Improve Earbuds, But Not By Making Them Stay In Your Ears

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It's nice of Apple to always include a pair of those patented white earbuds with every iPhone and iPod. In a way, having a those two little small white protrusions hanging in your outer ear became a status symbol of The Cool in the aughts. However, for me and several other Apple customers I've known, there has always been one persistent problem: the damn things never want to stay in your ears.

AppleInsider discovered today a couple of new patent applications that Apple has filed, but don't hold your breath because unless there's some super secret, blindly sophisticated detail in the designs, they don't appear to be an improvement in keeping the earbuds in your ears. Instead, the patents describe a design innovation Apple's calling a "unibody" appearance wherein the seams created by all of the connecting parts - wires, jack, different pieces of the earbud itself - will be polished and welded down so as to create a seamless appearance. In other words, the earbuds will just look like one flexible, solid piece.

The second patent that Apple's filed may have a better utility to its millions of consumers. Simply put, it's a new design of the part of the earbud where the music comes out of that will hopefully prevent your grody earwax from clogging up the earbud's holes, thus dampening the sound and clarity of the music.

At least now when the earbuds fall out of your ears while you're on the treadmill or simply sitting still, nobody will know if you don't know how to properly clean your ears out.