Apple iTV Rumored To Be Much Like iPad

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iPods, iPhones, iMacs, iPads, iTV? It certainly seems so according to recent news. As technology grows, the possibilities for advancement in personal conveniences for everyday life grows. The conveniences that Apple Inc. has given us certainly surpass any past technologies from other companies and they just keep rolling out the tech.

It was reported some time ago by WebProNews that Apple might throw their TV hat into the ring and as time has passed it seems to be more prevalent that the super-company may indeed introduce a groundbreaking smart-TV.

Reportedly, the new iTV will sport many of the same features as your iPad and iPhone sporting apps, games and even Siri voice control. According to the article a Canadian research team has been testing an iTV prototype in their labs and their findings about the device are fairly similar to the other iDevices Apple has.

It seems you will be able to do all your favorite TV activities from the comfort of your couch with Siri voice control. Much like the 4S, you'll be able to give Siri vocal commands and then set back and relax while you enjoy your entertainment; movies, television and more.

It's also been rumored that the new device may support an iPhone link that will allow you to possibly do many of your iPhone activities, such as stream Netflix, on the iTV. The TV is also said to support Skype and and an iSight camera, which would be an interesting feature.

With all this supported technology, it has to be able to support games and apps, right? Speculation says the new device will be able to support apps and games. With that technology, you'll be able to enjoy your iTV much like your other iDevices. Apple is very quiet about their work, but it's rumored that the TV could be released sometime in 2013, although not much is certain.