Apple HDTV Not Coming in 2013, Though Apple Radio Might [RUMOR]

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Rumors about Apple's mythic HDTV have been swirling for nearly two years now. The rumors could simply be written off as wishful thinking that Apple might swoop in and change the TV industry for the better (the way it did the music industry with iTunes) if only analyst reports and manufacturing shipping estimates would stop insisting that the iTV is inevitable.

This week, an anti-rumor has surfaced that suggests the Apple HDTV might still be a long way off. The research arm of BTIG released its predictions for 2013 today, and one of the big predictions is that Apple will not release its long-awaited TV set this year. BTIG states that the device is being delayed by the logistics of providing nationwide coverage, digital right management concerns, and legal concerns over net neutrality. All of these issues stem from the strong content monopoly cable companies have enjoyed for decades, and fit with previous rumors that cable companies are holding up the next big revolution in television.

In a more upbeat prediction, BTIG has also predicted that Apple will launch an internet radio service to compete with Pandora and Spotify. This "iRadio" would be integrated with iTunes to provide links for music and concert ticket purchases.

(via BGR)

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