Apple Had Its Own Clothing Line in the Eighties

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Apple has often been criticized for caring more about their image and style than providing top-of-the-line products, placing form above function in some of its devices. For Apple haters, these pictures are proof positive that their image has been their top priority for a while now. Presenting, the Apple clothing line circa 1986.

Disclaimer: I personally think that Apple makes good products. Many of them use top of the line hardware. But, like so many clothing lines out there, you are paying for the design (and the brand) on top of the functionality. A laptop with the same specs can cost $500+ if purchased from Apple. So, like the fashion industry, Apple becomes the thing to own to look stylish and hip.

That's fine. Their electronics are stylish and hip. Their clothes -- not so much.

I can't say much for most of this collection, but I would kill for one of those belts. I was unable to find any of them online, but I did manage to find this sweatshirt on eBay, featured at the top of this article. This one goes for $100, indicating exactly how rare these items actually are. Or, rather, how absolutely everything Apple makes is overpriced.

Rare or not, it'll be a cold day in hell before I spend $100 for an Apple sweatshirt.

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