Apple Fixes Siri's "Best Smartphone" Problem

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On Friday we brought you a humorous bit of news about Siri, the personal assistant software on the iPhone 4S. It seems that someone discovered that if you asked Siri what the best smartphone ever is, she would tell you it was the Nokia Lumia 900.

Of course, strictly speaking it wasn't Siri saying that the Lumia 900 was the best smartphone ever. You see, Siri pulls information for things like product reviews from Wolfram Alpha, and given the consistently good reviews the Lumia 900 has been getting, it's currently at the top of Wolfram Alpha's results. Nevertheless, the fact that Siri even suggests that another smartphone might be better than the iPhone is, apparently, unacceptable. Over the weekend Apple made some changes to the backend servers that drive Siri, and made sure that from now on, she'll give you a more... appropriate answer:

Siri Best Smartphone Ever

Of course, technically Siri still doesn't say that the iPhone is the best smartphone ever. All she actually says is that it's "the one you're holding." But that's really just semantics, since the only phone Siri runs on (apart from jailbroken iPhones) is the iPhone 4S.