Apple Files Formal Complaint Against EPAD

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Early this year Apple filed a complaint against Ebox, a chinese manufacturer of digital technology cases and accessories. Ebox received the complaint, which was filed through the Chinese copyright office, on February 2nd. So far, Ebox stands in opposition of the claim, and brings up the fact that Apple still hasn't won the rights to iPad in China. A spokesperson from Ebox exclaimed:

"Apple has been a bully."

"The iPad trademark is not Apple's, so now they want to take ours,"

Ebox doesn't produce electronics of any sort, but rather the cases and accessories for them, so they have no plans of putting EPAD logo on any electronics anytime soon. Ebox is a copyrighted trademark of the company.

If you remember, we have been reporting on the ongoing battle between Proview and Apple, who are in dispute about the terms of the sale of the iPad name. In fact, Chinese iPad sales have been stalled as seizure of the devices have become common in several cities in the country including Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang and Xuzhou.

I am curious what Apple fans think about all this negative press Apple is receiving over trademark and human rights issues. It seems like there's another law suit is in the news every other day. Then to add fuel to the whole fire is the Apple abuse claims coming out of Foxconn in China. Apple is truly in need of some positive press as of late. Perhaps the release of iPad 3 will brighten consumers moods.