Apple Event: New iBooks App Announced

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Today's Apple event has begun, and already some unexpected announcements are coming.

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage this morning and updated the tech press on all of the newest, impressive Apple and App Store statistics. That led into the announcement of a new version of iBooks

According to Cook, the new iBooks features continuous scrolling and improved integration with iOS 6.

"It's also better integrated with iCloud," said Cook. He pointed out that iOS users can leave off reading on one device and pick up reading on another with better accuracy.

Unsurprisingly, iBooks now has the capability to share users' reading experiences through Facebook and Twitter

The new iBooks also now supportins over 40 languages, including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. The page turning for these languages will turn in the direction expected in those cultures.

The updated iBooks app will be available today, and customers can download it through the iTunes App Store.