Apple Event: Mountain Lion Has Been Downloaded 7 Million Times

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, took the stage today at Apple's big iPhone 5 event to give us the details on all things Apple coming soon. Cook is warming up the audience with stats on their other hardware before getting to the iPhone 5, but it's still impressive stuff.

Cook announced that Mountain Lion has been downloaded more than 7 million times since its launch in July. The operating system had been downloaded more than 3 million times in just four days after its launch. Cook didn't account for the number of copies sold through retail, but it's probably just as impressive.

After dropping some nice Mountain Lion figures, he talked up the newest line of MacBooks that were revealed earlier this year. He said that the MacBook Pro was the best Mac that the company has ever made. With a built-in retina display, it's hard to argue with that. He also said that the MacBook Pro combined with the MacBook Air ranked number one for the last three months in the U.S. notebook marketshare.

It sounds like Apple has gotten off to a great start this year with their notebooks, but the real treat is soon to come with the reveal of the iPhone 5. Keep watching this space as we're continuing our coverage of all things Apple at the latest Apple event. The iPhone 5 is sure to show up soon.

[Image Source: The Verge]

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