Apple Event: iPhone 5's Larger Screen Won't Give Developers Any Trouble

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Apple confirmed today that the iPhone 5 does indeed have a larger screen. The 1136x640 display means that developers will have to update their apps to fill in the rest of the screen. According to Apple, it's not going to be a big deal.

Apple said that some developers have had early access to the iPhone 5 and found that developing for it was a breeze. One of the apps shown off was buit by CNN. They used the increased real estate to show more text. It's expected among Android users who have been using larger displays for a while now, but it's a big boost for iPhone owners who have always wanted a larger screen.

Of course, some developers can't just change their app in a matter of days before the launch of the iPhone 5. Some developers have other jobs that might hinder them from being able to fix up the app before the launch. What about them? Apple says that older apps will run in letterbox mode until they are fixed up. It's a nice solution to preserve aspect the native aspect ratio of older iPhone apps.

Expect developers to jump on the iPhone 5's larger screen just as fast as they did the new iPad's retina display. Consumers are going to expect a native experience out of the box. Developers would be wise to get their apps up and ready for the increased resolution as soon as possible.

[Image Source: The Verge]

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