Apple Event: iPad is a Huge Success, iBooks Author Updated

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After Phil Schiller announced the new, thinner iMacs Tim Cook once again took the stage at today's Apple Event. Teasing an audience impatient for the announcement of the iPad Mini, Cook began to talk about the success of Apple's iPad lineup.

"Two weeks ago, we sold our 100 millionth iPad," said Cook. He stated that this level of unit sales, in just two years is "unprecedented" for a product in a new category.

Cook stated that more iPads were sold in the June quarter of 2012 than any other PC manufacturer sold of its entire lineup. Also, over 90% of web traffic comes from iPad devices. The new iPad is the fastest-selling iPad and top-selling tablet of all time.

The Apple CEO then stated why the company believes its iPad devices are so successful: "People love their iPads." No kidding. Luckily, Cook expounded upon that statement, saying the iPad's display, responsiveness, front and rear cameras, connectivity, and "legendary all-day battery life" are factors in that love.

Cook went on to point out that the iPad has been embraced in both the education and business realms. He stated that textbooks on the iPad are now available for 80% of u.s. high school core curriculum. Also, iPads are now available in 2500 schools across the U.S., though in what capacity they were available wasn't adressed. With respect to business, Cook stated that 94% of fortune 500 companies are now "testing or deploying an iPad."

Cook then announced that iBooks Author has gotten an update. The new iBooks Author will enable embedded fonts, as well as mathematical expressions that can be inserted directly into books. Multi-touch widgets are also now available, and Cook stated that "publishers can now easily update their books." It was stated that Apple is trying to re-invent the textbook with multimedia and interactive options.

The new iBooks Author will be available today, for free, in the Mac App Store.

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