Apple Denies Philippe Starck's Involvement With Product Design

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Earlier this morning we brought you news that French designer Philippe Starck told a French newspaper that he had been working on something "revolutionary" for Apple that would be available in about 8 months. He also said that he had been meeting with Jobs monthly for seven years.

Citing Apple's "religious cult of secrecy," he declined to talk specifics about what he was doing, though, prompting speculation that he might have been providing design input on the next iPhone, the iTV, or some other as-yet-unknown product.

Apparently, though, he wasn't working on any of these things. An Apple spokeswoman told AllThingsD earlier this afternoon that Apple had no idea what "revolutionary" product Starck may have been talking about.

AllThingsD speculates that the meetings between Jobs and Starck were actually about Starck designing a luxury yacht for Jobs. The custom yacht would have been sleek with a minimalistic design, and sporting 40-foot glass walls on either side. While it's not clear that the yacht is actually the project Starck was talking about, it's as good a candidate as any.

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