Apple CEO Visits Foxconn In China

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Bloomberg reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Foxconn's newly built manufacturing facility at Zhengzhou Technology Park yesterday in China. Apparently he was there to view the new iPhone production line at the plant. His trip also included a meeting with Beijing Mayor Guo Jinlong on the 26th and a separate meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang on the 27th.

Bloomberg provided this video of Cook's visit to Foxconn:

Meanwhile, Sweden is investigating the limitations of the new iPad, and Apple's claims about its 4G capability. Apparently, the device only works on 4G networks inside the United States and Canada despite manufacturer claims that it connects to sources worldwide.

Many Australian buyers of iPad generation 3 have already received refunds based on limitations of the device under the countries 4G mobile data network. Apple has agreed to include an advisory of the device's shortcomings in regard to the network for future Australian buyers.

Officials from the Swedish Consumer Protection Agency are still investigating claims in regard to the new iPad and 4G limitations, but I expect we will see a similar outcome for buyers in that part of the world. We'll keep you posted as new information becomes available.

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