Apple by the Numbers (Infographic)


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It's no secret by now that Apple is a big company. They are definitely the biggest tech company, and are getting up there with major retailers, automobile manufacturers and investment firms. But just how big is big Apple? These stats and figures should give you some idea.

Big Apple

Click here for a larger version from Sortable.

Some interesting factoids from this infographic:

  • Apple's revenue over the past 12 months is more than the GDP of New Zealand
  • Apple has beaten Wall Streets estimates in 16 out of the last 17 quarters
  • 75% of Apple's revenue comes from iPhone and iPad
  • Apple Stores makes 2x what Tiffany & Co make per square foot and 7.6x that of Best Buy
  • Apple makes $.47 in profit for every dollar you spend on their products
  • Apple has $110 Billion in liquid funds - they could buy lesser smartphone companies and their networks and still have change left over to buy Adobe and Twitter.