Apple's Big Business In Perspective [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you've been paying even a little bit of attention to the goings-on in the tech world, you know that Apple is a pretty big deal. Once primarily a maker of computers - in which market they were a distant second to rival Microsoft - Apple has transformed itself in recent years into the leading maker of tablets, smartphones (maybe), and MP3 players in the world.

In so doing, as you might expect, Apple has made kind of a lot of money. In the first quarter of their 2012 fiscal year (which ended in December) they reported a record $46.33 billion in revenue and $13.06 billion in profits. Their second quarter, which ended in March, netted a further $39.2 billion in revenue and $11.6 billion in profits.

So yeah. A lot of money. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to fathom those kinds of numbers, though. Sometimes we need some help putting the kind of data released in an earnings report into perspective. To that end, has put together a handy infrographic that breaks some of those numbers down and makes them a little more manageable (for example, did you know that Apple makes $7 million in profit per hour?).

Check out the infographic below, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Big Business of Apple
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