Apple Begins Fight Over iPad Name In Shanghai Court


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The legal drama between Apple and Proview hit new heights today as arguments from both sides were heard in a Shanghai court.

As you’re all probably familiar with by now, Proview claims to own the iPad trademark in China. A claim that Apple says is bogus as they claim to have bought the iPad trademark across numerous Asian countries, including China, years ago.

Reuters is reporting that the case in Shanghai today has Proview arguing for the immediate halt of iPad sales in the city. If enacted, the injunction would be a major hit against Apple as three out of five Apple stores in the country are located in the city.

Apple fought back with the best defense they had - Proview can’t even do anything with the iPad name. Hu Jinnan, a lawyer representing Apple, said that Proview “has no product, no markets, no customers and no suppliers.” In essence, Apple is suggesting that Proview is only seeking monetary gain. An accusation that Proview has denied.

Apple also possibly made the best argument of the day by linking iPad sales with state interest. They said that the ban “would not only hurt Apple sales but it would also hurt China’s national interest.”

The Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court, where the case is being heard, has not made a decision yet and there’s no timeline for when we will get one. Proview seems to think they will receive a verdict soon.

Even if the court was to rule in favor of Proview, Apple would have the chance to appeal the decision to a higher court. The lower courts have proven to be in favor of Proview, but as the case climbs the court system, there’s bound to be a judge that will rule in Apple’s favor.

We’ll keep you updated as this fascinating case continues.