Apple Aperture's "Game-Changing" Retina Support

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Apple's annual parade of dazzling new gadgetry, the World Wide Developers Conference, is upon us and one announcement that seems to have elated many Mac-using photographers is the update of Apple Aperture so that the photo-editing software can finally keep up with Apple's Retina display.

Apple has given Aperture a complete user-interface update as well as boosted the resolution by 400% thanks to the new Retina display that the new generation of MacBook Pros are going to be equipped with. For the spec geeks out there, the new MacBook Pro will have a pixel density of 2880 x 1800 in a 15.4-inch display. And yes, crunch a little math and be not deceived: that is in fact 5,184,000 pixels crammed into that screen. Apple's Commander-in-Mac Craig Federighi described the new hi-def capacity of Aperture as "a total game-changer."

A preview of what the new Aperture UI is below, courtesy of engadget:

It's a little hard to conceptualize just how clear this new display will be for all the shutterbugs out there, but it was described today at WWDC as having a "magazine-like quality." While the Apple overlords are obviously happy about the new generation of photo software, the Twitterverse was equally tickled with the announcement. Well, most seemed to be, but there's always a few bugbears that go against the grain.