Intelligent Document Processing: AI Business Transformation

Learn more about how and why intelligent document processing in a driving force in leading the charge to AI below.

YTTV NFL Sunday Ticket Holders Get Unlimited Simultaneous Streams

YouTube TV has given NFL Sunday Ticket holders a major upgrade, with the ability to watch unlimited simultaneous streams.

WhatsApp Is Working on Streamlined Group Message Settings

WhatsApp is working on streamlining group message settings in an effort to improve the user experience.

T-Mobile CEO: Tech Leaders and Employees ‘Gotta Get Back to the Offices’

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert minced no words about his views of remote vs in-office work, saying, “y’all gotta get back to the offices.”

Amazon Backtracks on Key Climate Pledge

Amazon has backtracked on a key climate goal, eliminating its Shipment Zero pledge to be net-zero carbon across its shipments by 2030.

Ford Teams Up With Tesla to Use Its Supercharger Network

The two biggest rivals in the US electric vehicle market are teaming up, with Ford planning to use Tesla’s charging network.

Maximizing Sales and Revenue with Client Relationship Management Software

If you’re looking to maximize sales and revenue, it’s time to pick the right client relationship management software.

Lenovo’s Profits Tank Amid Declining PC Demand

In the latest evidence of the PC market’s troubles, Lenovo’s profits dropped a massive 75% in its latest quarterly results.

United Airlines Taps iPhone App to Improve Customer Experience

United Airlines is turning to its Live Activities iPhone app to help improve the customer experience and give users more information.

Amazon Is Closing Its Appstore In China

Amazon is the latest Big Tech company to reduce its presence in China, opting to discontinue its Amazon Appstore in China.