Apple Adds New Ratings Box Inside App Store Details

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Apple has made a small change to its App Store app details pages that puts a new ratings box right at the top of the page, just under the app's name and directly on top of the app's rating.

Of course, Apple has always including its rating information in the details section of the app. There, you'll not only find the rating but a detailed description of all the "offending" content that caused Apple to rate it as such. But of course, you have to scroll down to access this. The new ratings box is front and center at the top of the app screen.

This slight tweak is just another example of Apple doing what it can to highlight mature content in the apps contained in its App Store. Apple has always had a nudity phobia when it comes to apps. But that focus on Apple's apps has intensified as of late, after the whole Vine controversy.

When Twitter's six-second Vine video app first launched, it rather quickly became overrun by porn - which, on it's own merits, isn't necessarily a bad thing. If that's what people want, right? Vine doesn't ban nudity in its terms (although they did make some moves to decrease its visibility inside the app). Some App Store users complained that Apple made the Vine app and editor's pick, considering its association with adult content.

Apple eventually bumped Vine's rating to 17+ in response.

AppleInsider, who first spotted the new ratings boxes, points out that this isn't the first time that Apple has amended its App Store app details to make things more clear for users. Apple recently settled a lawsuit filed by angry parents whose kids were spending large amounts of cash in in-app purchases in freemium apps.

In response, Apple added a small bit of text inside freemium apps letting parents knows that they supported in-app purchasing.

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