Apple Adds Android To Its Latest Patent Lawsuit

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For the longest time, Apple has been fighting a proxy war against Google. The company has never directly filed a lawsuit against the makers of the Android operating system, but rather chose to go after the companies that use it. Samsung has been a popular target of litigation and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. Apple is, however, finally dragging Android into the fight.

In the ongoing patent war with Samsung, Apple has added two more products to its suit. The company now says that Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 infringes its patents. It also is reportedly attempting to add Android 4.1 to its suit.

The Telegraph speculates that Apple's latest move may be in response to Samsung adding the iPhone 5 to its latest round of litigation. It's the only logical explanation as both companies continue to add each others' newest products to an ever growing laundry list of supposed patent infringers.

It's interesting to note that Apple is finally attempting to directly attack Android. It was noted by Steve Jobs' biographer that the Apple co-founder wanted to "destroy" Android. Now it's Apple's chance to follow through on Jobs' original intention and drag Google into the ever evolving, and needlessly confusing, patent wars.

As enticing as a throw down between Apple and Google sounds, we won't hear anything from it for a while. The suit is not scheduled to go to trial until 2014. At that point, both sides may just settle. Apple, Samsung, Google and all other parties involved with have to realize sooner or later that endless patent litigation is bad for business and consumers.

Besides, I don't think Apple wants to publish another "apology" on its Web site if it happens to lose the suit.

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