Apple 1 Computer Goes For $374,000 At Auction

IT Management

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I'm a Windows fan now, but that doesn't mean that I hate Apple. In fact, I have a soft spot for the Apple II - my very first computer. I would love to get my hands on its predecessor, but it apparently takes a millionaire to get one.

According to CBS, there was an Apple 1 on auction in New York City. The computer was one of the original six computers that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built back in 1976. The demand for such a rare item must surely be high. An Apple fan, or maybe just a technology fan in general, has far outstripped what the original demand was valued at.

When the smoke cleared from what was surely an arduous battle, a victor appeared having won the computer for $374,000. Those in charge of the auction stated that the selling price was two-times higher than what they expected to get for the computer. The last Apple I sold at auction went for $210,000, so here's hoping the next one goes for over $600,000.

We don't know who actually bought the computer, but they're probably going to put in some kind of collection to never be used. Maybe that's best as I would totally play around with and probably break it.

Here's a video tour of what went inside the Apple 1 back in the 70s. It shows the technical mastery that Wozniak put into the device. Sure, it's great to see all the new technology that Apple puts out today, but we should never forget where it came from.