Apparently, Steve Jobs Killed RIM with an Apple Crack Pipe and a Drive-By

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Confirming widespread expectations of a bleak earnings report, BlackBerry makers Research in Motion released their Q1 financials last Thursday. The really bad news came mainly in two announcements. Financially, RIM reported a net GAAP loss of $518 on $2.8 billion in revenues. RIM also announced that the launch of BlackBerry 10 is being pushed to 2013.

In short, it was just a terrible report from RIM. Couple these new setbacks with the fact that they also reported down in Q4 2011, and just made some substantial job cuts, and you see why it's do or die time for the company.

Although the biggest cause of RIM's steep decline can be argued, the fact remains that they have fallen. Big time. And according to NMA, it's basically Steve Jobs' fault.

You remember NMA, right? The Taiwanese company that's been animating the world's biggest news stories for a couple of years? Next Media Animation is no stranger to giving their oftentimes hallucinatory take on tech news - and they happen to love involving Steve Jobs in their animations, whenever relevant.

Well, today they tackle the RIM collapse, and according to them it's Apple's cofounder that takes most of the blame. Just how does Steve Jobs kill BlackBerry? In the same way the any gangster roots out a competing interest - hook their customers on your product and then gank their ass in a drive-by.

Check out gangster Steve Jobs below:

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