App Store, iTunes Store Down for All Users All Morning

Josh WolfordIT Management

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If you're trying to make a purchase on iTunes or attempting to download an app in the App Store, you've probably noticed that it's not working.

That's because Apple is suffering some major outages this morning – from before 5am EST.

The outages have been reported on Twitter all morning – for at least six hours. But it wasn't until very recently that Apple updated its systems status page to reflect the major outage.

As of right now, Apple is reporting that the App Store, the iBooks Store, the iTunes Store, and the Mac App Store are all down for everyone.

Earlier today, other Apple systems like the Apple Support Page were down – but it appears to be up and running at the moment.

According to reports, various Apple Stores have had to go the pen and paper route this morning.

Josh Wolford
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