AP Extends Digital Strategy With Gateway Unit


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A news organization that was founded in 1846 is making another attempt to transition to the digital age.  The Associated Press has announced the creation of a unit called AP Gateway, and with the unit, the agency intends to "facilitate development of fresh news consumer experiences for the Web as well as mobile phones, tablets and e-readers."

This is meant to be truly cutting-edge stuff.  For example: it's already been decided that one of the first products out of AP Gateway will be an iPad app, even though the iPad hasn't launched yet.  Other in-development and new devices are supposed to be in the business unit's sights, too.

Then one other important aspect of this move is the fact that "different" AP Gateway apps won't just have been altered to account for screens of various sizes.  Tom Curley, president and CEO of the Associated Press, said in a statement, "Rather than just repurpose our content across formats, we now have a real opportunity to innovate and create differentiated experiences of the news across formats that will excite all of us, from producers to consumers of news."

It sounds like the AP's trying hard to adapt. 

We'll see how things go as AP Gateway comes out of the figurative gate.  The 200-plus newspapers participating in the AP's News Registry service will have the option of becoming involved, so it may get off to quite a start.