AOL’s New iPad Optimized Site Goes Live

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AOL has announced the launch of a new iPad-optimized version of their site today. The site is designed to take advantage of the iPad’s touch screen and to provide iPad users with easy access to AOL’s content and services.

The new page, which was announced on AOL’s blog this morning, incorporates touch gestures like tapping and swiping to browse content. Users can swipe through headlines or images, and tap to read an article. The site also provides convenient access to AOL Mail, games, apps, weather, news, music, and more.

AOL's New iPad Site

There is recourse, however, for those who don’t like the new iPad site and want to go back to viewing the desktop version on their tablets. The site includes a link to the desktop version. Tapping the link sets a cookie on the user’s tablet that will direct them to the desktop version until they clear cookies or until they decide to switch back to the tablet version (accessible through a link at the top of the page). The new site can also access the tablet’s location information, allowing users to see localized news and weather reports.

Are you a tablet user? Check out AOL’s new site and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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