AOL Renews Search Ad Deal With Google

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AOL said today it has signed a five-year search advertising deal with Google renewing its partnership with the search company that dates back to 2002.

Tim-Armstrong-AOL Under the terms of the deal Google will provide search services to AOL’s content network and properties, in exchange for a revenue-sharing arrangement between the two companies which will be expanded to include mobile search and YouTube.

“Today is another important step in the turnaround of AOL,” said Tim Armstrong, AOL’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“AOL users will be getting a better search and search ads experience from the best search company in the world – Google. After nearly a decade-long partnership in search, we’re looking forward to expanding our global relationship to mobile search and YouTube. All aspects of our partnership will be improved by this deal.”

Key highlights of the partnership include:

*As AOL renews its focus on mobile apps and content, the companies will work together to expand the alliance to cover mobile search.

*AOL and YouTube have agreed to a content partnership that will bring AOL’s video content to YouTube.

*The alliance is international in scope and will provide improved experiences to AOL’s worldwide audience.

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