AOL Celebrates Winamp's 15th Anniversary with Android Album Washer

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AOL is celebrating Winamp's 15th anniversary with an upgrade to their Winamp for Android called Album Washer. The upgrade, available for $0.99, helps users clean-up and organize their existing media libraries.

Available at the new in-app store, Album Wash polishes and organizes Winamp collections by updating users’ incorrect or missing tags and by downloading missing album art. It's all part of how Winamp and AOL visualize the way users manage and customize their music in the future.

While the Album Wash tools are currently only available for Android, they also plan a release for both Mac and PC platforms. Winamp for Android is also offering a new Pro Bundle featuring customizable home screens, ability to browse by Folders, crossfading between tracks, and a 10 band graphic equalizer.

Here's what the new Winamp release includes:

* New Winamp In-app Store
* New Album Washer in-app purchase
* New Move to SD Card feature -- great for user's who have limited internal storage
* SHOUTcast radio search and notification optimizations

Winamp also offers a version for Mac users. The OSX Winamp allows users to wirelessly sync their iTunes music library to an Android device.

Here's what the newest release for OSX includes:

* Album Art Views
* Play Queue Window & Drag and Drop
* Auto-update, including a Beta channel for the latest feature releases
* Support for Growl and in application notifications
* Faster performance and high quality playback

Geno Yoham, GM of Winamp comments on the new release from the company:

“We’re excited to introduce Album Washer and these latest updates which include a richer experience across Android, Mac and PC platforms,”

“These product releases are another step in our roadmap and vision to provide our users with the most robust set of tools to enhance and customize the way they listen to and manage their music on multiple platforms, empowering the user has been a strategic focus and part of the Winamp DNA for the last fifteen years.”

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