Anti Sea World Ads: PETA Knows How To Make 'Em

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The San Diego International Airport has decided that they will allow an anti Sea World ad to be posted in the terminal.

The ad will be allowed to stay in the terminal for a month.

The ad was created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and will appear in the airport on Thursday.

The airport's decision to allow the ad comes after a lawsuit was filed against them by PETA. The airport had originally refused to allow the ad and felt that it would cause problems between passengers and visitors.

PETA filed a lawsuit and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California agreed to settle it by allowing PETA to place the ad in the terminal.

Sea World has been criticized for keeping whales in captivity and using them for shows and performances. A recent documentary called Blackfish added to the heated debate of whether Sea World was treating their animals humanely or simply using them as props or tools.

PETA and many other animal welfare organizations argue that the large killer whales and other animals used in Sea World shows should not be kept in such small holding tanks or pens. They claim that many of the accidents that have occurred at Sea World including the ones where the whales have attacked trainers, are a result of the whales reacting to the cruel treatment they receive.

PETA hopes that the new ad will show people exactly why they should boycott Sea World and make everyone aware of the way Sea World treats its whales and other animals.

The airport ad is just one of many anti Sea World ads that PETA has created. Another ad that was recently released by the organization stars actor Jason Biggs.

Biggs jokes about the Sea World trainer accidents and says that what we see as harmless family fun is actually torture for the animals that are forced to perform at the parks every day.

How do you feel about Sea World?

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