Anthony Weiner Is Back on Twitter with a New Handle

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Well what do you know - look who's back on Twitter.

It's former Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose indiscretions on the social media platform led to embarrassment and his eventual political demise.

It appears that Weiner is migrating his Twitter presence to a new handle, @anthonyweiner. His previous handle, @repweiner, tweeted out the new handle Monday evening. It was the first tweet from that account since early February. That account was silent for 17 months following the lewd photograph scandal, with Weiner breaking his silence last November by tweeting out a video in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Here's the final tweet from the old account:

It makes sense that Weiner would want to start fresh, tweeting from a brand new Twitter account. Of course, there's quite a bit of bad memories associated with the old account. Plus, Weiner is no longer a U.S. Representative, so @repweiner doesn't make much sense anymore.

And 'Representative" is not the political office that Weiner is looking to be associated with. Speculations that Weiner has aspirations to dethrone Michael Bloomberg as Mayor of New York City continue to gain traction. It seems like a return to Twitter is a logical move for someone gearing up for that kind of run. Especially when the only things that you're tweeting out are links to a 20-page document called "Keys to the City." That document is described as "64 Ideas to Keep New York the Capital of the Middle Class."

The new account is less than a day old, and has already been verified by Twitter. He currently boasts nearly 8,000 followers in less than 24 hours.

Josh Wolford
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