Another Day, Another Awesome Breaking Bad Remix

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Funny, catchy, impressive, inspired; everything a great remix should be. Today, I present the best Breaking Bad remix that you're likely to hear this week.

I say this week because not only are remixes popular on the interwebs, but Breaking Bad remixes in particular have really taken off as of late. It's understandable - I mean, it is the best show currently on television. But there is something truly special about taking a show that's so serious, dramatic, and unnerving and turning it into something light and carefree.

Take for instance the recent Breaking Bad/Seinfeld mashups, or the mildly more amusing Breaking Bad/Mentos ad mashup. Both excellent, but neither as good as this.

Courtesy YouTube user placeboing, check it out below [obvious spolier tag for those who haven't watched seasons 1 and 2]:

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