Another Controversial Halloween Costume: A Mom and Daughter Go As White Trash


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With Halloween rapidly approaching, everyone is looking for that clever costume that stands out from the crowd, and sometimes that is hard to find without being at least slightly offensive. A mother and daughter in Roseville, Michigan learned this the hard way after they went as white trash to an elementary school trick-or-treat function.

The two made their white trash costumes by painting their faces white, giving themselves black eyes and by wearing white trash bags that had "White Trash" written on them with a marker. Check out another photo of the costumes below.


The names of the white trash pair haven't been released, but the Huron Park Elementary principal did confirm that the two were mother and daughter. The principal confronted the mother about the costume, but said that she couldn't force the parents to follow the same rules as students at school events.

A FOX station in Detroit interviewed some of the parents that were at the Halloween function:

Some of the parents at the trunk-or-treat event were offended by the costume choice. "I was a little appalled. To me, how can you dress yourself and your child in a white trash outfit?" commented Roseville parent Nicole Ekmeian.

Another parent said that the costume was racist and offensive because of what Roseville is known for. "Roseville is known for "white trash" and you just don't do that at a kids function," said mom Megan Manchenko. "You can't have weapons; you can't have blood; you can't have gory stuff, but racial slurs? Go right ahead!" Manchenko said.

One man that attended the Halloween function says that there are far more things to worry about than a Halloween costume. "I don't get offended easily,' Eric Frasier said. "There's more important things in this world right now--people are out of jobs, people are homeless and not eating. Lighten up."

Quite a few posters on Twitter agree with Frasier and say that the costumes aren't really offensive. Add your opinion below.

This is just another offensive Halloween costume that has surfaced over the past few days. Two Florida men decided to go to a Halloween party on Friday as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Not only did the man who went as Martin use blackface as part of his costume, he also wore a hoodie that was stained with blood. Actress Julianne Hough also donned blackface as part of her Orange is the New Black costume, which she apologized for via Twitter.

[Images via MyFoxDetroit]