Anonymous Takes Down KKK Web Sites In #OpBlitzkrieg

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Anonymous has a plethora of Friday activities where the collective takes down a Web site associated with a particular group of people. They've been targeting the FBI and those associated with the agency for a while now. You may feel that those attacks were not deserved, but I think everybody can get behind this week's target.

Anonymous, as part of what's being called #OpBlitzkrieg, has started to take down the Web sites for the KKK and various other white supremacy groups throughout the world. The account going by the same name of the operation is also labeling the attacks as #fuckKKKfriday.

True to the attackers' word, both sites for the KKK are now down. I can access them through Google's cache system, but those are also mostly broken. What's more interesting is that this particular branch of Anonymous has been staging these kind of operations for a while.

The Twitter account for @OpBlitzkrieg points to an underground Tor powered Web site called nazileaks. The purpose of the group is to attack and steal information from neo-nazi and white supremacy groups. While the actual stealing of information seems to have slowed down over time, the same group seems to have picked up launching DDoS attacks against the same sites.

The KKK has not been the only group feeling the wrath of Anonymous today. The collective has been attacking European neo-nazi groups as well with most based in Germany. While white supremacy groups are pretty much harmless these days, the ideas they stand behind are dangerous. That seems to be the stance that @OpBlitzkrieg is taking.

The Twitter account has been updating its status constantly over the past few hours with word of new attacks and new targets. We'll keep following it to see if anything interesting happens. It seems mostly centered on the KKK at the moment, but they are likely to change targets sooner or later.