Anonymous Leaks Tunisia Prime Minister's Emails

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In their ever expanding role of revealing corruption and injustice around the world, Anonymous has also set their sights on Tunisia. They are protesting the ruling Ennahda party over their perceived lack of action against conservative Salafi attacks.

This recent attack was announced via a video on the Anonymous TN Facebook page. Unfortunately, that video is no longer available due to copyright claims from Tunisia Live. According to Reuters, the video contained a message stating that the group had released emails belonging to those in the ruling Ennahda party.

The emails contain phone numbers, bank transactions and invoices paid during the election campaign in Tunisia last year. One of the higher profile leaks included an email from Tunisia's Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali. The Tunisian government seems to think the emails are pretty old, but are investigating if the emails from Jebali are from before or after the election.

While this isn't as bad as the leaks that hit Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Anonymous claims they have more info that they are withholding for the time being. The group says they will release these emails if the Tunisia government doesn't "work to the best of [their] ability to avoid Internet censorship and to respect human rights and the freedom of expression."

Reuters said this attack from Anonymous comes on the heels of protests from the conservative Salafi Muslim faction in Tunisia. They are attempting to implement Sharia law in the country which culminated in the group attacking the national theater in Tunis which resulted in some actors being injured.

With the help of Google Translate, you can check out the Anonymous Tunisia Twitter feed where they will be announcing any further ops in their current campaign. You can also check out the Anonymous Tunisia blog (also in French) for more information.

While the Tunisia op is definitely smaller than previous Anonymous operations, it has the potential to blow up if their threats of releasing more important emails holds true. This one could get really interesting really fast. We'll keep you updated on any developments.

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