Annie Lennox Marries On The River Thames

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Annie Lennox has never been one to do things the traditional way, so when she decided to marry the third time around, she didn't do it in a church...or even on land. Lennox tied the knot with Dr. Mitch Besser on a boat while traveling down the River Thames last weekend, with about 150 people in attendance.

Lennox met Besser while working with his charity foundation in Africa--mothers2mothers--which helps prevent the spread of HIV from mother to child; the problem was, he was still married at the time. But she was patient, and in the end she got her man.

Lennox was recently featured on the show "Who Do You Think You Are?", which allowed her to track down her genealogy and learn about her ancestors, something she says was life-changing for her. Following up that experience with her wedding capped off a very good year for the singer.

Lennox posted thank-yous on her Facebook page to all the fans who sent her well-wishes, signing off as Mrs. Lennox Besser.


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