Anni Dewani's Mother Calls Shrien Dewani A "Coward"

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Shrien Dewani was recently cleared by a South African court of any involvement in the murder of his wife, Anni Dewani. The 34-year-old millionaire was accused of hiring hitmen to murder his wife during their honeymoon in South Africa. Shortly after the ruling, Mr. Dewani flew back to the UK. It’s been reported that Mr. Dewani received VIP treatment during the nine-hour flight as well as upon arrival in Gatwick early this morning. A passenger in the flight claimed, “He looked quite at ease. He had a quick chat with the pilot when he passed through the cabin.”

Anni’s family are still in shock following the verdict. Nilam Hindocha, Anni’s mother, spoke to the press for the first time since the trial. “He didn't have the guts to face us. He was a coward in the court, always a coward,” Mrs. Hindocha told the press after seeing footage of Dewani’s arrival back in Gatwick. “I don't think any other men would leave their wives like that. If he really loved her he would have fought for her,” Mrs. Hindocha added. “I didn't see any marks on him, there was no sign that he had put up any fight for her. He had thought only about himself.”

And while the murder case is now out of the South African court’s hands, Anni’s family vows that it’s not over yet. “We are looking at all the options that are presented to us, we need to get our family together back home and think over this during the forthcoming holidays and consult with our lawyers how to go on with this matter,” Anni’s uncle, Ashok Hindocha, told The Independent.

The prosecutors for the case argued that Shrien, who admitted to being bi-sexual during the trial, felt that he was trapped in the marriage. However, the case was thrown out by presiding judge Jeanette Traverso because she claims that the evidence presented against Mr. Dewani was filled with contradictions.

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