Anni Dewani's Ex-Husband Extradited To South Africa

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Shrien Dewani, the UK resident who was accused of murdering his wife, was sent back to South Africa this week to finally face trial.

If you remember, back in 2010 Dewani was accused of organizing a hit on his wife, Anni Dewani, while the two were celebrating their nuptials in Cape Town. Reportedly, they were accosted inside of a cab, and Anni was tragically shot in the neck and died.

Based on Shrien's account, they were the victims of a random attack, but the driver of the cab said otherwise. According to what he said, Shrien gave him and a gunman $1500 to carry out the hit, but Shrien has adamantly denied those accusations, and said he had nothing to do with his wife's murder.

For the past three years he's been fighting hard not to get sent back to South Africa from the UK, because he believes he can't get a fair trial there, as the case has made international headlines.

But this past Monday he was put back on a plane to face murder charges, which obviously pleased Anni's family. However, they couldn't believe how long everything took.

"We were extremely surprised that it took such a long time," said Anni's uncle, Ashok Hindocha. "Everybody wants to know what happened to Anni...Why did she die? There are three people pointing fingers at the husband. He's a suspect. He has a lot of questions to answer. We need those answers so we can move on."

Anish Hindocha, Anni's brother, said he has confidence in the South African judicial system, and he expects the authorities and the judge will get to the bottom of things once and for all.

"The whole world will be watching this case," he said. "And I am sure we will get a fair trial in South Africa."

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