Anne Hathaway: Will There Be A Third "Princess Diaries"?

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Anne Hathaway's possible return to portray Mia Thermopolis in a new Princess Diaries has the internet in an uproar.

Anne Hathaway first played the role back in 2001 and subsequently won a huge fanbase among tween girls and their mothers.

The second one, 2004's Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, again starred Anne Hathaway and helped bring Chris Pine into the limelight.

Now, chatter about a new Princess Diaries has fans rejoicing.

Disney hasn't confirmed that the project is even going to happen, but a rumor is enough for many.

Now, the next question is, should there be a sequel, will Anne Hathaway be playing the lead?

Back in 2012, Anne Hathaway's co-star in the Princess Diaries movies, Julie Andrews, weighed in on just such a scenario.

She told Access Hollywood, “I would never say no because Disney’s so wonderfully clever and inventive, but I would think they’ll stay with just the two because of Annie.”

It really would be hard to picture anyone but Anne Hathaway in the role.

What do you think? If you were making the movie and Anne Hathaway wasn't a choice, who would you cast?

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