Anne Hathaway To Take On Role Of Female Fighter Pilot

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Anne Hathaway will once again tackle a seriously difficult role, this time for the stage, and will be playing a female fighter pilot whose job description changes a bit once she finds out she's pregnant.

Hathaway has reportedly signed on to star in the off-Broadway production of Grounded, where she will go from pilot to drone operator during the course of the one-woman play. Director Julie Taymor says they both did extensive research before taking it on, with Hathaway meeting with real fighter pilots to learn from them.

"In October I saw Anne in L.A. November to February, we did homework. Investigating, learning, talking to pilots. She visited fighter bases... It's a warfare issue. The project's powerful, timely, provocative," Taymor says.

Taymor also told Page Six that the subject of the play was shocking to her once she started doing research.

“Who knew they’d sit 12 hours in a base manipulating cameras that fly over places like Yemen? Surveilling American citizens? Examining daily life? Targeting for six months half a world away? Next, moving off those planes that do the photographing, they lock onto another area? Who knew all that? Reading the play shocked me. Remote-control drones are right over our heads. Insufficient information’s being put out. Weddings have been bombed. Our world’s not listening. Not paying attention," she said.

Hathaway has been making headlines in the past week with her performances on Lip Sync Battle, most notably when she performed to the Miley Cyrus hit "Wrecking Ball" dressed as the provocative star and took a running leap to jump onto an actual wrecking ball over the stage, giving her opponent, Emily Blunt, the finger as she did so.

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