Anne Hathaway Leaves Dog Feces on Paparazzo's Car

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Anne Hathaway decided she'd had more than enough of the paparazzi on Thursday, when she left a bag of dog feces on a paparazzo's car. Out for a walk with her dog Esmerelda, who had just done her business, she made it quite clear she didn't like being followed by the man with the camera.

The Les Miserables star picked up after Esmerelda as any responsible pet owner should do. She then left the bright yellow plastic bag filled with canine feces on the windshield of the paparazzo's car. Prior to her deposit, sources say she looked angry--likely peeved from being followed.

The Huffington Post has contacted Anne Hathaway's rep for a comment or more information about the incident. While it's a bit uncertain how much more information there is--the dog pooped, Anne cleaned it up and plunked it on the photographer's car--the rep has yet to respond to the call.

This is certainly one way to deal with the intrusive paparazzi. Of course Anne Hathaway could be charged with littering if she admits to leaving the excrement on the vehicle. Those little poop bags are meant to be disposed of in a much different way.

Did Anne Hathaway act appropriately by gifting the photographer with Esmerelda's poop? Do you think there was a better way she might have used to show her disdain over being constantly pursued?

It will be interesting to learn if the paps press charges over this most unusual mode of retaliation.

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