Anne Hathaway And Robert De Niro Shine In "The Intern", See The Trailer

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Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro make amazing counterparts in a new heartwarming comedy, The Intern.

Anne Hathaway stars as a young fashion executive who started a company that has grown exponentially, and with it, the stress of running it.

Robert De Niro is a 70-year-old retiree looking for a new purpose.

As the movie follows Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, they become necessary to each other's existence.

Watch the trailer:

By the end of the trailer, Anne Hathaway admits to his character, “The truth is, something about you makes me feel calm. More centered or something. I could use that, obviously.”

The movie also stars Andrew Rannells, Pitch Perfect's Adam DeVine, Nat Wolff and Rene Russo as the office masseuse.

At the end of last month, Anne Hathaway went to the movies, herself.

Anne Hathaway treated herself to a night out to see the Judd Apatow movie, Trainwreck, which stars Amy Schumer.

That's when Anne Hathaway found out she was the brunt of a joke in the movie.

In Trainwreck, Amy Schumer accuses her boyfriend, played by Bill Hader, for acting like Anne Hathaway on Oscar night when he wins a charity award.

Anne Hathaway posted a response to the joke on Instagram with a photo of her movie ticket.

What an amazingly great reaction to being the brunt of a joke!

What do you think about Anne Hathaway's new movie with Robert De Niro? Will you be going to see it?

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