Anna Wintour Decodes the Baffling Met Gala Outfits for Us Simple Folks

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Anna Wintour is the Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Magazine. When celebrities trotted out their best at the Met Gala last week, the public looked on amused. We were impressed with some things, sure. But others seemed to go right over our heads. It took a pro like Anna Wontour to point out what was what so that we could understand what had happened.

For example, the joke was on all of us when Katie Holmes and her stylist teased that they were cutting her hair for the ball. She posted pics of what appeared to be her getting her gorgeous lock lopped. But we found out later that it was all a ruse. She wore a wig.

Still, we learned that her look was relevant to the them of the evening: "China: Through The Looking Glass." Her style for the night was intended as an homage to Anna May Wong, a Chinese-American movie star.

We also saw Cara Delevingne all inked up. Seemingly permanent tattoos of plum red flowers with spiraling branches, birds and blossoms and covered Cara Delevingne’s arms and neck, peeking out from the cutouts of her jumpsuit and out from under her bun-up hair. These too were fake. But still fed into the theme of the evening.

Anna Wintour sat down with Seth Meyers to set the record straight on some of what went on at the Met Gala. She started off by addressing what some derided as a "hoodie" on Anne Hathaway.

"I thought she looked amazing," Anna Wintour said of Hathaway. "I have to admit I was slightly confused by the China reference, but I did my research and I found out that Anne and Ralph Lauren had actually based this dress on a modern Chinese artist, whose work features hip-hop artists and people wearing hoodies. So there you go, it's brilliant!"

Seth Meyers joked about Justin Bieber's look for the evening: a custom Balmain blazer paired with an asymmetrical button-down shirt, a black cummerbund, and black trousers. But Anna Wintour set the record straight on that, as well.

"Now come on, Seth," she said. "This was actually one of my favorites. These are all Chinese dragons and apparently that's aged gold bullion thread... as it should be."

Rihanna caught lots of jokes in her oversized yellow dress, including jibes about looking like a poured omelet.

"I really want to tell you about this dress," Wintour told Meyers. "Rihanna is such a star. She surfed the Internet looking for this and this was designed by a famous, famous Chinese designer Guo Pei. It apparently took one Chinese person two years to make this dress. It's a dress not to forget."

As for George Clooney's wear for the evening, she said it simply:

"He has Amal on his arm and he's George Clooney — he doesn't have to wear anything."

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