Anna Kendrick Is Too Busy Writing A Book To Be Indiana Jones

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Anna Kendrick may have played "Indianna Jones" in a video for Red Nose Day, but despite her fans' insistence, she won't be taking on a female reboot of the classic Harrison Ford films anytime soon; not only is she busy with other film projects (according to IMDB she has seven projects coming out between now and next year), she's also writing a book of essays.

The Pitch Perfect actress told TIME recently that she doesn't have a plan for the book, and because she's never written one before, she admitted she's sort of flying by the seat of her pants.

“Obviously I’m hoping to find my own voice, but having never written anything before, I’m not really sure what to expect. But it’s going to be fun. Part of me is like, ‘Yeah! I’m writing a book… if I can.’ Is that something I can do? I’ll find out....I’ve got like notes all over my phone in different places, different apps. I got my Stickies on my Mac, and I’ve got seven different Word documents that I just keep adding stuff to. I’ve got Post-it notes everywhere, so I’m hoping that when I get the chance to sit down and look at it all together, it’ll add up to something," Kendrick said.

Anna says she's trying to let the stories come organically rather than force it, and although she's expressed some doubt as to whether it will be something people will want to read, but her social media accounts say otherwise. With over 4 million followers on Twitter alone, the actress keeps her fans laughing with observations on life and self-deprecating commentary.

“If I was trying to do it like, ‘What are my thoughts on men?’ I would be like, ‘I don’t know! I don’t have thoughts on men!' I just keep remembering stupid things that happened to me when I was younger and many, many stupid things that happened to me recently. I’m trying to write them down and see if it comes out more funny—or more tragic.”

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