Anna Kendrick Is the Best Live Tweeter Ever — Her Super Bowl Tweets Prove It

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Anna Kendrick is always my go-to gal to follow on Twitter for any "major" event. Her unique humor and commentary is just too funny and reminds us all that man, we'd like to be her friend.

Who can forget Anna Kendrick's tweets during NBC's Peter Pan Live! event in December? I spent more time waiting for one of her tweets to pop up on my feed than actually watching Allison Williams try to convince the world she could actually be a boy. Anna Kendrick's tweets were classic.

On Sunday, the 29-year-old actress once again took to Twitter for the Super Bowl and captured every hilarious thought — from the plays called to Katy Perry's halftime show to which commercials moved her to either tears or fury. She even worried over Gisele Bundchen's stress level as her husband, Tom Brady, fought for the title.

Trust me, follow Anna Kendrick and enjoy whatever show your watching with her. Check it out:

Was I right?

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