Anna Faris Talks Parenthood, Says She Was Terrible Babysitter

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Anna Faris and hubby Chris Pratt are still relatively new to this parenting thing, and she was quite clear about that during her visit with Jimmy Kimmel last week. She told the late night host that the two of them are simply trying their best.

“I don’t know what I’m doing as a parent,” Anna Faris admitted, as she showed pictures to the audience of son Jack in one of his destructive modes.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris admit they had no experience with kids prior to becoming parents.

Of course there was the year Anna Faris was 12--and thought it couldn't be that hard to be a babysitter. She offered the child she was babysitting a Snickers bar. After all, her mom had insisted no one was ever allergic to peanuts.

“You’d be in prison right now!” Jimmy Kimmel told Faris.

“I would,” Anna Faris agreed.

Fortunately the child survived, no one sued Anna Faris's family, and Faris and Chris Pratt went on to give parenthood a try.

Did you catch Anna Faris on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week?

Don't you think Anna Faris and Chris Pratt should write a book on parenting--a spoof of parenting that would have other parents and parents-to-be in stitches?

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