Anna Faris Gets Mocked And Ditched By Husband Chris Pratt At People's Choice Awards

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Anna Faris hosted the People’s Choice Awards on January 7 alongside her Mom co-star, Allison Janney. However, Faris was seemingly ditched by her husband, Chris Pratt, who was noticeably absent from the red carpet. In an interview with ET Canada prior to the awards show, Faris revealed the reason why the Guardians of the Galaxy star wouldn’t be by her side: “I am going to walk the red carpet with my co-star, co-host Allison Janney. My son is having eye surgery the next morning, so we'll see what happens, he may come, but he may not,” Faris tells ET Canada.

Pratt did appear in the awards show’s cold open, which shows him poking fun at Faris’ career. The sketch shows Pratt reading a pile of scripts and that his busy schedule is the reason why he won’t be able to attend the awards show.

“I have like 11 movies to shoot by next Friday," Pratt says in the skit. “Here's one for you. No, that's just a script called Anna. Yeah, they want me to star in it.”

Faris and Pratt are known to be two of the funniest people in Hollywood right now, and Faris’ recent guest appearance on Ellen proved that the couple are not above pranking each other. In the episode, Faris and Ellen DeGeneres pulled a prank on Pratt with Faris pretending to be arrested and Ellen pretending to be a police officer.

While Pratt may be absent during the show, it’s a good thing that Faris has Janney by her side. In another pre-show interview with People, Faris sang her co-host’s praises. “You may think that it’s a joke, but I truly do have an obsession with my costar,” Fariss says. “I think we’re both feeling really lucky right about now that we get along so well and that we love each other.”

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