Anna Faris, Chris Pratt Share Their Secrets For a Strong, Long-lasting Marriage At 'Jurassic World' Premiere

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Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are not only the hottest ticket in Hollywood these days, they also know a thing or two about maintaining a strong, long-lasting marriage.

In an interview with People magazine, Chris Pratt said the secret to his great relationship with wife Anna Faris is the time they spend together.

"Anna's parents come down and they'll give us the night to do something and the morning to sleep in," said Chris Pratt. "I think it's important to carve those times out no matter what you do for a living."

Although Jurassic World's Chris Pratt loves spending time with his two-year-old son, Jack, he notes that time spent with wife Anna Faris must take precedence.

"A lot of times, people focus so much on their kids, and then when their kids leave the nest, they look at their spouse or partner like they're a stranger," he said.

"It's just as important, if not more important, to focus on your relationship with your partner because your children are going to leave one day [and] you have to maintain a relationship that's going to outlast your child's needs for you."

Chris Pratt, 35, has nothing but great things to say about wife Anna Faris and credits her and their strong relationship for everything good he has in life.

"I have the support of a strong partner who's been through this and understands it and whom I can share these experiences with," said Chris Pratt. "And we have a family that we're starting that’s the focus of my attention."

According to Anna Faris, the strength of their relationship depends on mutual dreams and sensibilities.

“Were so lucky that we have the same sense of humor,” said Anna Faris. “We dream about having a little bit of a farm one day.”

Can Anna Faris and Chris Pratt be any more adorable?

Pam Wright