Anna Faris and Peter Quill Get Love from Chris Pratt on Reddit

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Anna Faris and husband Chris Prat are a darling couple in Hollywood right now. While Anan Faris is enjoying her own run of success alongside Allison Janney in the sitcom Mom, it is her husband who is blowing up on the big screen lately with Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris may work so much that you wonder how they ever have time to be a real couple. But When given a chance to talk to fans about his Anna Faris, her husband was all glowing comments.

Pratt did a Reddit AMA recently, and the topic of his wife came up. A reader asked about Anna Faris:

What drew you two together? Is there some cute story in which you guys fell in love? Is Anna a great wife/mom?

Pratt's reply about Anna Faris was one for the ages.

Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny, just as much as my crazy career and the way I fell into this life. She and I grew up 20 minutes away from each other but never met until we met in LA. We both got our start in horror spoofs. We both did an animated movie for Phil Lord and Chris Miller. We both made our careers playing guileless nitwits for laughs. We both have parents that have suffered with MS. The similarities go on and on. Anna is a great wife. Very patient and understanding. Very supportive. So kind and genuine always. And she gave me a wonderful son and family of in laws that I truly love.

Aside from the gooey words about his wife, Pratt had fun with the Reddit crowd. Some other gems included:

I was recently bitten by a radioactive Chris Pratt. What is about to happen to me?
Oh no. You're probably gonna get fat and then skinny.

I know that it is just a role, but are there any similarities between you and Peter Quill? What about Andy Dwyer?
Quill and I are basically the same person. We were born in the same year. We loved the same movies. The same music. If I were kidnapped at 10, taken to space and based my ideology on the pop culture of 1979-1989 I would be Peter Quill.

Chris Pratt's advice for being an actor boiled down to this:

Figure out whether or not you believe in yourself, and if you don't, find a way to. Because even more than you want it, you must believe it. And learn about yourself. The rhythm of one's spirit is just as important as what you look like or what you sound like. Who are you? What's your voice? What are you dying to contribute?

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