Anna Duggar: House She Owned With Josh Duggar Sold, is Couple Closer to Divorce?

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Anna Duggar and her husband Josh reportedly sold their house in Arkansas just days after he was outed for having two accounts on the Ashley Madison cheater's website. Shortly thereafter, Anna packed up her children and moved to Florida where they have been staying ever since.

Josh Duggar is at a faith based rehab called Reformers Unanimous, where he is receiving therapy for his "sexual sins."

Do you expect in light of the Duggar family selling their Arkansas home that Anna Duggar is any closer to deciding whether or not she will divorce Josh?

Josh Duggar is sweating it--tucked away in rehab. He's no doubt hearing rumors about Anna Duggar at least considering divorce. Anna's siblings are adamant about her leaving Josh Duggar for good.

Meanwhile Michelle Duggar appears to have insulted Anna Duggar in a recent blog post, insinuating that had she provided for Josh's needs, he might not have cheated on her.

If the 19 Kids and Counting matriarch believes that will lead Anna Duggar home to Josh--and they don't actually have a home right now--she should think again. Michelle Duggar should probably tread lightly where Anna Duggar is concerned.

Do you expect Anna Duggar will decide to divorce Josh or do you think she will forgive him, and wait for him to cheat on her again?

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