Anna Duggar Divorce Thwarted by Jim Bob Duggar With Unfair Bribe?

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Anna Duggar's thoughts about divorce may have just been thwarted. Former 19 Kids and Counting patriarch Jim Bob Duggar is reportedly bribing Anna not not divorce Josh Duggar--using a mansion near the Duggar home as bait.

Josh Duggar has made headlines for sexually molesting five underage girls when he was a teenager--four of them are his own sisters. Anna Duggar knew about this before they married, however. This past summer, during the Ashley Madison website hacking scandal,Josh Duggar was outed for having two accounts on the cheater's website. He admitted shortly thereafter to an addiction to pornography and to cheating on Anna Duggar.

Anna Duggar--with divorce on her mind--packed up her four children and moved to Florida to stay with her parents. Her siblings have been encouraging her to divorce Josh Duggar. Now it seems Jim Bob Duggar is offering Josh and Anna a mansion that sits near the 19 Kids and Counting household--if they stay together and Anna Duggar forgoes any notion of divorce.

The "Anna Duggar divorce-cancelling home" is a "3,000 square foot brick mansion on two acres of land," according to HollywoodLife. It is just an eight-minute walk to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's home.

The Duggar family doesn't believe in divorce. They have no doubt heard rumors that Anna Duggar is considering divorce, and are scrambling to do all they can to prevent her from taking such action. The Duggar family practices a form of patriarchal Christianity. That means the women defer to their husbands on all matters.

Jim Bob Duggar clearly believes Anna Duggar should not only give up her idea of divorce, but defer to her father-in-law--accepting the gift of this new home to live in when Josh Duggar gets out of rehab. Josh has been in a faith-based rehab to work on his "sexual sins."

It will be very interesting to learn Anna's brother's take on this "incentive." Daniel Keller has been hell-bent on convincing Anna Duggar to divorce Josh ever since this latest sex scandal made news. Anna was seven months pregnant with daughter Meredith Grace when Josh Duggar cheated on her. Daniel Keller calls him a "pig."

Do you think Anna Duggar will cave and abandon the idea of divorce? Will she stay married to a cheater so she and her children can enjoy the spoils of a beautiful new home?

Would you divorce Josh if you were Anna Duggar?

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