Anna Duggar Considers Divorce, Josh Duggar Begs for Forgiveness

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Anna Duggar is reportedly considering divorcing Josh Duggar. The former 19 Kids and Counting star is in a rehab facility, supposedly receiving treatment for his "sexual sins." He is begging Anna to forgive those sins and keep their family together.

It wasn't too long after Josh left for rehab that Anna Duggar packed up their four children and moved to Florida to stay with her family--also a devout Christian family, like Josh Duggar's. They have not accepted Josh's actions, however, and some of them even support Anna filing for divorce from Josh.

“When Josh heard that Anna was contemplating divorce, he flipped out,” a source tells Hollywood Life. Since Anna moved to Florida, “they don’t speak on a regular basis.” However, since Anna Duggar's talk of divorce, “he’s been begging her not to leave him. He says he’s determined to change, by the grace of God, and [he’s] working hard to get to that place.”

Maybe Josh Duggar should have thought of his family when he was having sex with two porn stars. Two separate women have come forward, alleging he had rough sex with them on separate occasions. One porn star and stripper, named Danica Dillon, says she had sex--that turned almost violent--with him twice.

While Josh was having sex with Danica Dillon, Anna Duggar was pregnant with her fourth child, Meredith Grace, who was born in July.

Do think Anna Duggar will actually file for divorce from the former 19 Kids and Counting star? Will she be admonished by Josh's family--especially Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar--for doing so?

Could you live with someone like Josh Duggar--knowing he not only sexually molested five underage girls (four of whom are his sisters) as a teen--and then cheated on his wife with two porn stars? Josh was outed in the Ashley Madison hack and found to have two accounts with the cheater's website. If that hadn't happened, Anna Duggar still might not know that Josh had cheated on her.

General consensus--if you step outside the realm of the 19 Kids and Counting family--seems to be that Anna Duggar should divorce Josh Duggar and try to move on with his life.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Do you think this saying might apply to Josh Duggar?

Kimberly Ripley
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