Anna Camp Just Wants To Play Someone "Normal"

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Anna Camp has had several roles that fall within the realm of weird; between True Blood and Pitch Perfect, the actress has had to bring out her inner crazy girl several times over the years. Her next project will add another bit of darkness to her resume, and she talked a bit about it in a recent interview with USA Today.

Camp will be starring in an off-Broadway play called Verite, which is from Orange Is The New Black writer Nick Jones. It's a thriller which focuses on a young wife and mother who suddenly finds that she's the object of interest for some publishers who want her to write a memoir. The only trouble is, she doesn't have anything to write about...until a slew of unfortunate events occur.

"It’s a really fantastic thriller play. It’s dark and edgy. I play a writer named Josephine and I get offers by these publishers to write a memoir, but I’m very confused as to why they want me to, because nothing interesting happens to me in my life. Then I start becoming paranoid that they’re making these bad things happen to me. I go from this really shy, introverted woman to borderline psychotic by the end of the play. It’s an amazing arc," she said. “I never really saw myself playing these types of roles, I just started getting them after doing True Blood … I’m desperately looking to play someone normal at some point!”

Camp--who played Don Draper's one-time love interest on Mad Men--has several television and film roles to her credit, but she does have some experience on the stage; she appeared in Broadway productions of Equus and The Country Girl. She says that she was drawn to the story within Verite as she was reading it and could never quite figure out where it was going to take her.

"It's really something I haven't read before. So I was determined to go get it. It's ahead of the audience. I was never ahead of it while reading it," she said.

The play opens February 18 at the Claire Tow Theater.

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